Why plan your Social Media post ahead of time

Calendar Planning with a team. Photo Credit: Freepik.

I always tell my client to have a long term plan for their social media. I usually recommend planning for at least a month of posts, but you can write out your posts for a week, two weeks, or more; the reason why: to save time.
For planning, you can do it however you would like. You can use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, Trello, Word, PowerPoint, or a Calendar. Personally, I like using a calendar view to write out special days for the month. Next, I’ll add the subjects for my posts. Afterward, in a PowerPoint, I put the images and captions next to each other so I can visualize them as I move through my plan. Some posts may require more work than the others, but that way, I know what to add and where to review later on. This format has worked for my clients and me when I still need pictures or info from them.
I also plan my hashtag, depending on the type of posts that I’ll be writing. For example, I have some hashtags that I use when talking about branding and another set of hashtags for when I talk about social media. I research them every month to see if they are still relevant and retire old ones that are not working anymore.
Finally, I schedule my posts for a later time. They are several ways to do this. I currently use later (you can sign up for later here: https://later.com/r/a37e0d). But I have tried Hootsuite, and am presently testing Sprout Social. Facebook also have their own scheduler – Facebook creator, which is free.
I bet you are asking yourself why I do all this. Well, if I spend 1-2 days working on my social media plan, I can avoid trying to rush and have my posts with mistakes, and I can enjoy the rest of the month without having to worry about missing a day on my social media.
What about you? Do you plan your social media? If yes, what are your steps?

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